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To provide evidence of your PCI DSS compliance, you fill in a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) that is relevant to your company. If you use systems that are accessible from outside, you can have additional, PCI DSS vulnerability scans performed by us on a regular basis.

You can display proof of your PCI DSS compliance on your Acquirer’s Internet platform developed by us. Our PCI DSS Competence Center specialists can support you with this.Just log in to the PCI DSS platform of your Acquirer and follow the certification process steps.

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We will you guide towards certification in a user-friendly manner.

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Your Certification Process as Merchant.


You log in to the PCI DSS platform of your Acquirer.


The wizard-driven platform supports you in choosing the right SAQ.


You fill in the relevant SAQ to provide evidence of your PCI DSS compliance.


If, according to your classification, you (should) need external PCI DSS vulnerability scans, you can order them directly on our pages.


After verification of compliance has been successfully completed, you will receive our PCI DSS Compliance Seal.


Your path to PCI compliance.