We support acquirers with a comprehensive portfolio of software and services to monitor the compliance status of their merchants, which they report to the payment card organizations on a quarterly basis.


Our offer for you.

  • PCI DSS Compliance Management Platform

    A PCI DSS Compliance Management Platform integrated in the website of the acquirer.

  • Continuous Adaptation

    Continuous adaptation of the PCI DSS Compliance Management Platform to reflect changes to the regulatory environment

  • Technical Operation

    The technical operation of the PCI DSS Compliance Management Platform.

  • PCI Competence Center

    Professional support for merchants by the usd PCI Competence Center.

  • more security – Seal

    A high-quality usd security seal of approval for successful merchants.

  • PCI DSS Verification Documents

    After obtaining PCI DSS compliance, your merchants receive the official PCI DSS verification documents and the valuable usd Security Seal.



The usd PCI DSS platform offers the following in English and in German:

Acquirer‘s Website

Integration in the acquirer‘s website including adaptation to corporate design.

Roles & Rights

Roles and rights for acquirers, merchants and the PCI Competence Center.

SAQ Determining

Determining which PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is relevant with the aid of a software assistant.

SAQ Online-Reply

SAQ available to be answered online by the merchant, supported by a wide range of individually configurable comments and assistance.

Status Determining

Automatic determining of the PCI-level or the compliance status of merchants.

Documents Administering

Administering of relevant documents such as SAQ, security scan and security audit reports.

Standard E-mails

Standard e-mails that can be tailored to suit individual needs, for instance to remind merchants of upcoming validity expiry dates.


Generation of all the relevant reports for payment card organisations in the original format.


Statistics, assessments and individual reports especially in regard to the activities of merchants.

Data Exchange

Other languages on request and an interface to the operational IT systems of the acquirer to ensure an efficient exchange of data.


The right package for your customers.

Technical Operation

The usd PCI DSS platform is operated by usd on behalf of the acquirer on dedicated servers according to the requirements of the PCI DSS. The platform is a formal integral component of the IT infrastructure of the acquirer and fulfils all the legal requirements in the area of audit security, data processing for third parties and data protection.

Communication, Campaigns

Motivating merchants by contacting them directly increases their willingness to collaborate in the PCI DSS process. The communication concept provided by usd has been employed successfully and includes all the relevant communication channels.


The usd PCI DSS platform is developed on an ongoing basis by usd according to PCI Security Standards Council and payment card organisation requirements.

Option to Customise and Upgrade

The usd PCI DSS platform covers special customer requirements with optional extra modules, for instance regarding integration into CRM systems.


Optimum Support for Merchants

The possibility to reach a PCI Competence Center by telephone and email is vital for successful PCI DSS compliance management. usd customises this service and coordinates it in detail on behalf of the respective acquirer. Merchants receive the necessary specialist support in German or in English without acquirers having to gain the complex technical and regulatory expertise themselves.


PCI DSS Platform of our Co-operation Partner

Leading acquirers and thousands of their merchants already use this service and their satisfaction testifies to the solution‘s quality and efficiency.


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